Recently the company I work for was acquired by a large global corporation.  We are in the midst of merging and integrating our operation with a Business Unit that makes a line of complementary products.      This effort has required me  to explain in detail, on numerous occasions, all of the various business systems that we utilize.   I have also been introduced to the business systems that are already in use by our new owners.  Of course none of the same systems are in use.  So we are going to go through an exercise of determining which systems should survive and which should die.

As I list out the systems that I think should survive.  A very noticable trend appears.  All are web based,  all are cross functional, and all are somewhat self supportive.   I’ve started calling them open source operations systems.  Not to be confused with Linux,  these are systems where all employees have some level of access to the business data, in real time.    I call this our common point of Orientation.   

Not all of my peers find this as important as I do.