I have been delinquent in my updates on the aquaculuture project.   The past month has seen the bacteria levels increase.  We did have one incident a few weeks ago to report on.

While feeding a few weeks ago I noticed one fish that appeared to have a large blister on his head.   I quickly put him into the hospital tank and went to work to figure out what this was.    The first advice that I recieved indicated a virus and that I should treat the tank.   I did this, but was not happy with the results.  PH dropped and the fish were mad.

After consulting with a more knowledgable expert we think this was a wound from some in tank fighting.  The fish also had a good chunk of its tail fin missing.    This fish seems to be getting better in his own tank.  Time will tell.

I also had some enlightment on my back up power solution.  We had a power outage for a few hours the other day.  The back up power kept the air pumps on for a while, but eventually the batteries died out.   But soon the power came back on, but the air pump did not.  My UPS needed to be manually turned on after being fully depleted.  I was not aware of this and will be designing a new power system.

I also made some changes in the filter tank.  I cut off part of the down tube so that i don’t need to get we in order to change the filter sock.