The fish have been in the tank for close to two weeks.  So far they are doing well.   PH has been stable at 7.8.  Ammonia is still very low.  We haven’t been feeding too much yet.  We want everything to stabilize before pushing for growth.

We’ve added a few “Fish Beds”; technical termed coined by my 4yo daughter.  These are small plastic bins lined with gravel.  The fish enjoy lounging in them and hiding along the sides.

First major system design issue is the filter tank.  Originaly designed to have the solids settle to the bottom and then flushed out by an overhead funnel, turns out that the water is flowing too fast to have an effective settling time.  I have added a filter bag,  (cheaply made from nylon paint strainer bags).  This has done a great job of catching the solids.  So far it looks like we can go 3-4 days between bag cleanings.   I am going to modify the water inlet to make it easier to change bags.  Current method gets me very wet.

More pictures coming soon.