Project is no longer on hold…..  After a design change and finding a source for a local species “brown bullhead catfish”  the project is back on track.  This fish is not on the Massachusetts exotic (hence banned) list.

Today a total of 19 fish arrived.  They are about 8″ long.    Our system can support more fish, but we’re going to start small and make sure everything works before we go big.

Here’s a few pictures  of the fish arriving.

Some kid unloading the fish.

A close up.

Going into the tank.

Another kid netting fish.

19 fish in thier new home.

We are going to let the system cycle for about 6-8 weeks before we start adding any plants.   In the meantime we will add some nesting habitats into the tank.  Our fish source tells us that our fish are almost sexually mature and should spawn this season if we provide a few nests.