A key component of my aquaponics endeavours is my desire to not spend any real money on this project.   I am trying to be green(cheap) as possible and use as many recycled materials as possible.  The following are some of the freebies that I’ve utilized.

  • Crate Base – This is where it started.  My employer had ordered a 13’x7′ pallet for a shipment that was supposed to go to China.  Turns out it was way to big and the freight company could not ship it.  So we had to put our shipment onto a smaller base.   I rescued this pallet from the scrap heap.  Getting it home was an adventure and required a borrowed boat trailer.
  • Wood – Where I work, many things arrive in big wooden crates.  These well constructed boxes usually end up in a big dumpster.  If you look hard enough you can find plywood, 2×4’s and assorted other building materials.
  • Windows-  Last summer someone up the road from me put a bunch of windows out near the street with a big FREE sign on them on.  Luckily, as I drove by I had my trusty utility trailer in tow.  The windows came from a makeover of a sunroom on an old farmhouse.  I estimate they are at least 50 years old.
  • Double Glass Door- I got this, complete with frame from our town transfer station.  A great find that forced me to change the design of the shed.  I had intended to have the door on the end, but this was too big and we had to put it on the side.
  • Utility Sink – It was at the dump just asking me to save it.  It came with stands and numerous PVC pipes.
  • Plastic Shingles – One fine day at the dump i found a stack of plastic shingles.  I’ve done one wall, and have enough to do the two remaining walls.  But I’m waiting until I add a few more windows before I shingle up the wall.

So what have I bought?

  • Wood Screws & Nails
  • Roofing material
  • A few sheets of plywood.  I wanted to close it up before winter hit.  Had I been more patient I could have found more free plywood, but I ran out of time.
  • Silicone – Some of the windows needed some caulking,  and I need to seal up some seams to keep the bugs out.