These are a few pictures of the backyard aquaponics system that is currently under construction behind my house.  


  • 275 Gallon IBC for the culture tanks
  • 55 Gallon barrel for the Jim Bowes designed combination settling and biofilter tank
  • Half barrel sump tank
  • 300 gph water pump
  • 40 watt air pump
  • Backup UPS
  • 60″ x 28″ Raft tank.

I hope to grow approximately 75 tilapia in the fish tank.  Water will be going into the tanks in the coming weeks and we will start cycling the system with some cheap goldfish.  Tilapia will arrive in late April.

In future posts i will go into the details of how aquaponics works, but basically the fish waste is converted naturally into fertilizer which is utilized to hydroponically grow vegatables.  If done properly this concept produces a very efficient method for growing food with much less water than traditional farming. 

My starter system will be housed in a homemade shed/greenhouse structure.   This high quality building has been constructed almost exclusively from recycled items, most of which I pulled or saved from dumpsters.

I have been studying small scale aquaculture for a while, but I am relatively new to Aquaponics.   Most of the inspiration for my system design has come from Backyard Aquaponics forum.