For a long time i’ve used the slogan “Do No Harm” to guide an operation.  Until recently I credited the slogan to Google as part of their corporate goals.  I only recently figured out that the Google motto was “Don’t be Evil.” So i have now coopted Do No Harm as my own creation.

The concept is that if something is going on in my company, and the efforts will “Do No Harm”, then I do not get involved.   I want people to show initiative, even if I don’t neccessarily agree with what they are doing.  So, if something is going on and it will “Do No Harm”.  Then I steer clear.

Of course there are different levels of “Harm.”   Something that threatens an employees physical safety is never tolerated.  But if an employee has an idea to try a slight change in an assembly process, and the result does not impact the product configuration or quality, then there is no Harm.  Allowing the people to innovate, but within certain paramaters is a net positive.