One measure of an idea or concept is how rapidly others adopt it.  

I am a strong advocate of a data base product called Quickbase  (  In a prior post I discussed how I utilized Quickbase to develop a production management tool for a high tech product line.      Over the years I have advocated that other departments utilize online hosted, real time data tools to share and organize their particular pieces of business information.

I recently sat in on a presentation from a Program Manager at my company who recently started utilizing Quickbase to organize and manage cross functional involvement with a number of new product development initiatives.   This led me to create a list of all the departments at our company which are using Quickbase:

  • Production: Assembly & Test Records
  • Materials:  Master Schedule  (shared online with suppliers)
  • Quality:  Incoming Inspection Records
  • HR:  Employee Training Records
  • Marketing: Industry Knowledge Data Base
  • Engineering: New Product Development Project Management
  • Shipping: Warehouse and shipping log

All of these different departments are managing their process data in real time shared systems.  I believe this approach leads to tighter interdepartmental communications, cooperation and effectiveness.