For a long time I joked that most of what i learned at work I learned at the fax machine or at the printer.  The random unclaimed documents and faxes were a great source of information about what was going on around the company.   Quite often what I read probably wasn’t meant for my eyes.  But I read it anyway.   This helped me stay up on the pulse of the company and some of the activities that I otherwise would not know about it.

As startups evolve into larger companies, it is inevitable that things will start happening in different corners of the company that you are not aware of.    My company uses Microsoft Outlookto book conference rooms and meetings.   What I do every so often is go into Outlook and begin to set up a meeting, I then select all of the conference rooms as attendees.  This brings up a chart showing which rooms are booked and the names entered for each meeting.  If I see a meeting that looks interesting i can click on it and see who is invited.   This method of observation help me stay up to date on a lot of activities that i’m not a part of.  Quite often I will invite myself, or just show up to a meeting that I think I need to be at.

I’m trying to figure out if i’m just being nosy, or if there is some way to rationalize my conference room schedule spying.   Since the outcome is me being more aware of the companies many activities, i’ll declare it a good thing and continue to do it.