Even though it was in Parade Magazine, I was very excited to see this article,  “How to be in indispensable at work“.

About a year ago I started a small personal branding exercise at my place of employment.   In my role as “Director of Manufacturing”, I quite often need to get my hands dirty on the production floor.  My normal work attire was jeans and a collared shirt.   I decided that I wanted some sort of uniform.  I wanted something similar to the uniform that you might see on a mechanic at the corner garage.  Something with my name on it.    I settled on a Dickies work shirt.  My wife bought me a dozen of them and had my name, or some variation of it embroidered on all of them.   I now wear this “Uniform” everyday.   Please note, I am the only person out of 120 at the company that has adopted this approach.

My objective was to create a personal brand that reinforced consistency, quality, and creativity.  I’m not sure if i’ve achieved it,   but the article proves to me that my approach is not entirely without merit.