While doing research for my next book I was interviewing Chris Lashua, a professional entertainer and business owner.  He has toured the world with Cirque Du Soliel and has developed his own troupe and show.  You can check it out at www.birdhousefactoryshow.com .   

The topic of our conversation was about the management style needed to successfully operate a world class theater troupe.  In the entertainment industry the importance of Human Talent takes on a higher level of organizational urgency than most other industies.  Lashua brought up a concept he calls Transitive Trust.   He has a few key members of his organization.  Each responsible for certain portions of the show.  In a traditional company, these people would be VP’s of different departments.   He has absolute Trust in each of these individuals and allows them to make hiring and creative decisions in thier respective areas.   His point was that if the people he trusts, have trust in someone, then he trusts that they will work out fine.  He indicated that without this level of trust in his key employees, he would never be able to fully execute the management of his organization.   

I liked the wording he utilized,  ” Transitive Trust”.   There will be more about this concept and the manueverability of the entertainment industry in my next book.